Mediation is a quick and cost-effective conflict resolution process. Mediation is a facilitated process which offers the opportunity to understand each other’s perspectives, issues, identify mutual interests and develop realistic solutions that benefits all parties.


Less Adversarial Mediation is an interest-based process based on consensus and collaborative agreement. The disputing parties control the content and outcome of the mediation. Mediation allows for creative solutions which may not be available in rights-based processes.


Lower Cost Both in monetary and personal terms, mediation is inexpensive compared to rights-based litigation methods. Mediation can take place immediately once parties agree to participate.


Preservation of Relationships Mediation works towards long-term solutions for the disputing Parties, and where there is an ongoing relationship places significant emphasis on how they will interact in the future based upon mutual interests and needs rather than adversarial positions.


Confidential The parties can speak openly and directly to each other and to the issues, without the proceedings being a matter of public record.


Preservation of Options Engagement in a mediated intervention does not preclude participation in a different dispute resolution process.


Low Risk Settlement potential is high and there are benefits to participating in the process for all.


"Between stimulus and response is the freedom to choose” - Viktor Frankl



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