Smarter Approach


A holistic solution- orientated approach that begins with analysing the problem.


"Between stimulus and response is the freedom to choose” - Viktor Frankl


Digitization and associated rapid changes are creating massive challenges for living and working together. To meet the demands of these challenges, we focus on the human being and their capacity to adapt and alter their behaviours.


Beginning with self-awareness, we work with individuals and groups to improve relationships, emotional intelligence and conflict competence.


By deconstructing the destructive behaviours and patterns in the workplace, we help teams work together to build a smarter cooperation.


Healthy cooperation and relationships are essential components for success and collective results. With a basic attitude of empathy, appreciation and enthusiasm anyone can unfold their full potential.


We offer a comprehensive range of coaching, mediation and workshops, for individuals and groups. All programmes can be tailored to meet specific needs.


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CDP (Conflict Dynamic Profile) - Individual

The CDP-I is a reliable diagnostic instrument designed to examine conflict behaviours in the workplace. It increases self- awareness and emotional intelligence in conflict and it is the starting point for improving conflict competence.  Learn more

CDP (Conflict Dynamic Profile) - 360º

The CDP – 360 is the extended version of the CDP – I. It is self-completed and draws on the input of peers, direct reports and bosses. Learn more


This test analyses your resilience and how you manage challenging situations. Capacity for solutions, responsibility and acceptance are measured.


It is often difficult to see what enormous costs are caused by destructive or hidden conflicts. We use a quantitative assessment tool to calculate just how much poorly managed conflict is affecting your bottom line. Learn more


Smarter Conflict Management

This interactive workshop is designed to increase self-awareness about how we behave in conflict and provides us with the skills to better manage conflict situations. The Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP) is incorporated in this workshop.

Smarter Teambuilding

Common experiences often lead to more trust within teams. Using a holistic approach that is customised for your specific needs, we create an exciting team building workshop. A combination of reflection and interactive exercises that range from team puzzles to activities such as organised rafting tours. Learn more


Conflict is inevitable – Manage it! This training offers a selection of methods to help you facilitate conflict that arises between others. This is suitable for top management and people who work in conflict-ridden environments.


Anywhere there are two or more people, there is bound to be conflict. It is inevitable! In this training, we work to leverage the positive elements of conflict with methods such as Nonviolent Communication (CSF) and the Empathy Process Model (EPM).

G'scheiter Scheitern

Wenn es um die Weiterentwicklung von Personen, Beziehungen oder Unternehmen geht, braucht es vor allem eins: Mut. Mut seine Komfortzone zu verlassen und Neues auszuprobieren. Eine gesunde Kultur des Scheiterns zuzulassen und damit die eigene Weiterentwicklung und schlussendlich auch den Mut zum Risiko zu fördern. Das Ziel dieses Workshops ist es, mit Unvorhersehbaren, Rückschlägen und Stress mit mehr Leichtigkeit umzugehen. Learn more


It is important to pursue common goals and visions for a successful coexistence. Creative brainstorming methods are used to enable teams to define and coordinate goals.


How can negotiations take place on a factual and not personal level? Why is it important first to understand the interests of the other parties before finding solutions? Which methods generate as many options as possible? How do you fight a problem and not the person you are negotiating with?

G'scheiter Mitbestimmen

Wir haben es uns zum Ziel gemacht demokratische Werte zu fördern - hin zu einem g’scheiteren gesellschaftlichen Miteinander. Aktive und gestärkte Mitglieder sind wichtig für eine Gesellschaft in der das Miteinander funktioniert und deshalb arbeiten wir gemeinsam mit Schulen, Unternehmen und Organisationen. Learn more



Mediation is a quick and cost-effective conflict resolution process. Mediation is a facilitated process which offers the opportunity to understand each other’s perspectives, issues, identify mutual interests and develop realistic solutions that benefits all parties. Learn more


You are the expert for your situation. We are experts in the process and to create new perspectives, options and solutions for you. ‘Smarter coaching’ leads to emotional relief, stress reduction, change of perspective and better self-reflection ability. Learn more