Lisa Steindl


Effective cooperation results in constructive development and team progression. Cooperation is optimal in an environment of self awareness and mutual respect.


However, including the different needs and expectations of those involved can be a challenge.


As a qualified mediator and systemic coach, I support you in dealing with each other "g'scheiter". The proven methods from these two areas offer suitable tools.


Since 2017, I have been working as a co-host of the FuckUp Nights Graz an event dedicated to learning from failure.


Zusammen mit meiner Kollegin Gudrun Jöller gestalte ich die G'SCHEITER SCHEITERN Workshops - damit fördern eine gesunde Kultur zum Scheitern, Mut zum Risiko und damit Weiterentwicklung und Innovation.


In addition, I am organizing a workshop series on the subject of the common good economy. Learn more