Smarter Teambuilding


How functional is your team? Do you incorporate individual potentials?


Common experiences often lead to more trust within teams. Using a holistic approach that is customised for your specific needs, we create an exciting team building workshop.


How would better teamwork affect productivity in your organisation?

Advantages of smart teambuilding:


→ Analyse existing structures and dynamics of a team.

→ Create new perspectives and alter patterns.

→ Become aware of problem areas and possible resolution for these.

→ Reflection of communication and collaboration.

→ Resolution of communication deficits, for example, distance from international teams.

→ And last but not least → have fun!


We help you develop goals and achieve smarter cooperation

Our workshops and trainings include a combination of reflection and interactive exercises that range from team puzzles to activities such as organised rafting tours.


To ensure that your team has implemented the new skills, we recommend that we revisit for a follow up session. This is an opportunity to assess the changes and further develop programs to better improve your everyday living.


Teamwork training and retreats help to build cohesion among employees.


Together with selected partners we deliver a range of in-house and open enrollment training for Smarter Cooperation.
Choose from our selection of programmes below


Smarter New Teams

Objective: Bringing together new teams for an effective start to cooperation.

Duration: Half or Full day training workshop

Location: In-house or at our offices in Graz.

Suitable for: Teams with new members e.g. expansion, restructuring or merger.

Description: An interactive workshop where new teams get to know each other better and discover their individual potentials within the team. It provides an open, non-threatening environment to encourage interaction and communication among individuals that carries over into their working relationships and teams.

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All in a boat

Objective: Create shared memories and find enough space and time to improve cooperation.

Duration: One to two-day training

Location: Palfau, Styria

Ideal für: Teams die etwas Neues erleben wollen und in einem spannenden Rahmen ihre Zusammenarbeit reflektieren und Maßnahmen ableiten wollen.

Beschreibung: In ein bis zwei intensiven Tagen, hat Ihr Team die Möglichkeit aus dem Alltag auszubrechen und sich nur auf sich zu konzentrieren. Die Organisation von Verpflegung und Unterkunft wird übernommen. So kann Ihr Team einen ereignisreichen Tag bei einem gemütlichen Grillabend am Lagerfeuer ausklingen lassen.

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Advanced Teambuilding

Objective: To address challenging issues in a constructive way. You will learn effective management and communication skills that can be used during heated team discussions.

Duration: One to two-day training

Location: In-house or at our offices in Graz.

Beschreibung: In einem sicheren Rahmen werden durch gemeinsame Übungen schwierige Themen erarbeitet. Diese werden priorisiert und verschiedene Sichtweisen werden dargestellt. Anschließend werden Lösungen erarbeitet und gemeinsame Vereinbarungen getroffen.

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