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When a Business Relationship Fails

Nobody sets out on a business venture with the desire to fail. However, it is broadly recognised that all businesses, regardless of their status carry a certain degree of risk and often see failure as a perquisite of success. You could argue that business is about intelligent risk taking.

Some global statistics show that over half of all businesses will fail after five years and, over 70% of business partnerships will ultimately fail. Yet, knowing this, many entrepreneurs neglect to anticipate it, which can result in things turning sour very quickly.

Here we have put together Five tips to help you amicably prevent and deal with partnership failure 

Preparation – Put it in the contract!
Every partnership should begin with a contract stating how they will manage disagreements and severance. Referring back to this precursor of agreed processes and pre-nup’s that will prevent potential hefty legal proceedings.

Talk about it – Define individual and mutual desired expectations and needs
Relating back to these expectations and needs at times of negotiation or decision making will ease the resolution process.

Collaboration over personal competition
Transparency and trust lay the foundation for every relationship. It is a lot easier when both mindsets are us vs the problem rather than me vs you. Having a culture of collaboration will always increase intellectual capital.

Third party intervention
At times of an impasse or when tensions run high, third party facilitation can help you move past the deadlock and assist in the resolution of underlining affective and cognitive issues.

Learn from it
Business is a process of making intelligent risks while striving for success and anticipating failure. If you’re going to fail; fail fast, fail forward and learn from it.

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Do you dread managing conflict between your employees?

Do you dread managing conflict between your employees?

Managing conflict is probably one of the least favorite tasks for all managers. It’s no surprise that it has been published by the Center for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR), which noted that 35% of senior executives say that they are the most likely to be disappointed an under performing employee.

Managing relationships between employees is often overlooked or inadequately dealt with by managers. Why do you think this is? Especially when good leaders and leaders recognize the importance of resolving disputes and challenges in a team. The most common answers to these questions are found; „I do not have time,“ „I fear that it will fall back on me and ruin my relationship with them.“

Mediation skills are a vital tool for all managers. To effectively manage disputes or challenges in your team we do not suggest you have become a certified mediator. Rather, we believe the learning relevant mediation skills that deescalates and resolves conflict in a timely viable way is more than sufficient. Our training approaches  are to be facilitated in a different way and for the individual and team.

The next time you find yourself having a conflict in your workplace, give these steps a try:

You are there to facilitate the conversation between the employees, not to direct it.

Do not allow power plays – allow equal time to speak

Remain impartial \ Listen attentively, recognize, name and respect the divergent viewpoints

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Take note of issues you hear, and suggest that they explore one at a time

Do not impose any decisions. If they are stuck creating a road map

Nobody can resolve until issues are resolved

* Remember – You manage the process not the content.

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